Yuneec is a global electric aviation technology pioneer and one of the leading players in the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle market. Yuneec is able to provide a full stack solution, manufacturing and selling drones at scale. Yuneec’s business spans from working as an ODM to provide products to customers like Intel and Horizon Hobby, to consumer drones sold at BestBuy, Media Markt or Otto and to working with partners like 3DR on Commercial solutions based on our H520 platform.


  • Deep proprietary technology capabilities across all key hardware and software elements, backed by 700+ patents
  • 18-year history of successful and award-winning consumer products, including Typhoon H and Mantis Q
  • Several Best Drone Awards (e.g. CES 2019 Innovation Award, Tipa Award, Top Tech of IFA 2016, etc.)
  • Founding member and largest drone producer in Dronecode, the industry open-source platform for collaborative innovation
  • Partnership oriented strategy with open architecture positioned to lead in commercial verticals (including public safety, construction, inspection and government)
  • Invigorated management team and strategy, extensive new product lineup leading return to growth
  • 700+ employees with strong global presence in several offices in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, Zurich and Hamburg
  • Yuneec design center based in Shanghai
  • The software specialists from Yuneec Software & Services, a division of Yuneec’s Advanced Technology Labs (ATL) close to Zurich, are responsible for the development and maintenance of the H520 flight control software


Yuneec has 700+ employees worldwide in its offices in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, Zurich and Hamburg. 


In 2009, Yuneec built one of the world’s largest drone production facilities with integrated development and production capacity on a 16.5 hectare site with 55,000 square meters of factory space. The result is one of the few end-to-end drone production facilities in which all production processes except chip production take place. For many years, Yuneec has bulit a supply chain of quality suppliers.


The company’s early involvement in flight controls lead Yuneec to work with UAV industry pioneers and allowed it to have extensive expertise in all core technologies. Yuneec is a founding member of Dronecode, the industry’s most influential open source technology platform, and is the only member with mass production capability.
On basis of the open source platform Yuneec creates unique and innovative products such as the DataPilot™ software, which was released in September 2017 with the YUNEEC H520. The DataPilot™ software provides users with a complete solution for planning survey and waypoint-based flight data. The flight control of the commercial Hexacopter H520 and further Yuneec products is based on PX4, but with Yuneec-specific functions such as Safety Flight Support for flying with less than the full number of rotors. Another key element of Dronecode is the SDK, which was developed by the Yuneec Research Center in Switzerland.


Yuneec Software & Services is a division of Yuneec’s Advanced Technology Labs (ATL) in Schlieren, close to Zurich. The software specialists are responsible for the development and maintenance of the H520 flight control software and therefore home of the world’s first enterprise grade PX4 distribution. Together with Yuneec’s capability of efficient hardware production, their commitment to safety, accuracy and privacy made our drones what they are today: One of the most popular, modular and affordable commercial drone systems in the world.
To ensure a well working and broad ecosystem for the H520, Yuneec Software & Services also enables third party companies to let their H520 accessories run through a certification process that ends with a confirmation not to interfere with the correct behavior of the H520.

The team in Schlieren is also responsible for fulfilling our customers’ application requests from individual features to specially tailored and permanently maintained firmwares to the development of complete software suites for and around UAV’s. Special software requests could for example include media management, data integrity, machine-learning, AI data analysis, object tracking, and precision landing – we meet every need for customization and optimization to support your business. And the result is always an individual but fully integrated and reliable Software made in Switzerland.

In detail, we offer the following additional services to our customers:

  • Third party certification: Validation process to enable third party companies to sell add-on solutions which are certified not to interfere with the correct behaviour of the H520.
  • Customized features: Individual addition of flight-control or mission-planning features to Yuneec’s products.  If it fits with Yuneec’s business strategy we will get it in the product roadmap. But also very specialized, or short term features, can be realized.
  • Custom firmware builds:  For customers, third party developers, or academic institution which requires customizations to the H520 flight control or mission planning — unlocked firmware parameters or specialized behavior, we can maintain a custom firmware build for you — providing you with the functionality you need while still providing you with bug fix and feature updates from Yuneec and the PX4 community.
  • Custom drone O.S. solutions: We work on drone software solutions around UAV’s. If you need a custom application to use in your business application, we are happy to consult you and design something tailored to your needs.