Third-party certification program

Drones are already being used successfully as flying helpers in numerous industries. One of the best-known models in this market is the distinctive Yuneec H520 with its bright orange body. The Hexacopter combines PX4 open source software and a modular payload system that includes eleven cameras from the manufacturer. Due to the comparatively low purchase price for this performance class, the H520 enables not only large companies, but also small and medium-sized businesses, BOS units and associations access to drone technology that makes work easier or even saves lives. As commercial applications continue to increase and the demand for tested, industry-specific H520 accessories grows, Yuneec has developed the Yuneec Certified Accessory Program (YCAP), which is now available to all third-party manufacturers of H520 accessories.

As part of the YCAP, manufacturers can now have their own accessories for the H520 tested and certified. The certification of the products takes place after a comprehensive test protocol at Yuneec Software & Services in Switzerland. The successfully tested products can be recognized by the Yuneec Certified Accessory Logo. The use of tested third-party accessories not only ensures that they do not affect the functionality of the H520 negatively, but also maintains all H520 warranty claims.

“The Yuneec Certified Program is the next logical step in our efforts to further customize our already diverse and open H520 system with individual third-party accessories to meet industry-specific customer requirements. The safety and reliability of the system are always prioritized, because the H520 is not a toy, it is an important tool that must meet the highest safety requirements”, says Glen Stark, Managing Director at Yuneec Software & Services.

Further information on the Yuneec Certified Accessory Program and a list of certified products can be found on