Forestry with H520 and thermal imaging camera

Alexander Ahrenhold is forest ranger from Germany, who successfully uses the YUNEEC H520 with E90, CGOET and other Yuneec drones for his work in the forest. Also in his hobby, the nature photography, he uses the H520 with the E90. The H520 with E90 camera is the perfect copter for him because of its reliability, the swappable camera systems and the eye-catching colour.

Alexander has been working with Yuneec products for his work and hobby for several years. Starting with the H920, he also uses other Yuneec products like the Typhoon H Plus or Typhoon H. For Alexander it is important that the H520 is almost weather-independent usable. Slight drizzle and smaller gusts he puts away easily, which allows the use in the forest very realistic. Through the mission planning on the ST16S, Alexander has the possibility to fly off exactly defined sections (that’s the name of the smaller forest locations or land parcels). “The eye-catching orange is easy to watch.”

For Alexander it is important that the system is extremely compact and all components come from a single source. For questions or assistance, there is no complicated communication between different manufacturers of individual components. In the forest, the first mission was to investigate a windfall area. The problem here was: With windfall there is increased danger in the forest. Still hanging trees or branches can fall down and thus become a deadly danger to humans and animals.
In addition, the paths can often not be passed because of the thrown trees. With the Yuneec H520 the damage can be inspected from the air faster and safely. This also allows the faster planning of further steps such the order of machines and workers to remove the fallen trees.
Also in the forest there are areas and clearings that need to be mowed. Here, the use of the H520 with the thermal camera has proven to be very helpful. Animals, especially fawns, can be tracked and saved from mowing.

Another application is the replanting in spring. The new sprouts are often eaten by animals. With the H520 and the thermal camera, I can look out for animals without having a big hustle and bustle.