Emergency command vehicles for fire brigade

The German company Alpha Robotics, has developed a fire service command vehicle that minimizes human interaction and provides sustainable protection for emergency personnel in high-risk reconnaissance, security and fire-fighting activities.

In a specially developed emergency vehicle, among other things, the Alpha Rover Rescue can be quickly brought to any danger location. The Alpha Rover is an unmanned land vehicle and can be used as a mobile platform for a wide variety of applications and tasks in the civil and military sector. At the same time, the emergency vehicle acts as a high-tech command center from which Yuneec’s H520 and H920 + control, reconnaissance and communication drones are operated at a safe distance from the site in addition to the Alpha Rover Rescue.

Inside the vehicle is the control center. From here, both the rover and the drones are controlled. The mission can be monitored and coordinated from a safe distance. The E10T thermal cameras are particularly suitable here. While the thermal camera measures the temperature in the image at points and shows relative temperature differences, the residual light RGB camera has a 20x higher sensitivity than the human eye and can still take excellent pictures in low light conditions.