Fawn rescue with H520 and thermal imaging camera

Simon Thomas is engaged in the rescue of fawns and successfully uses the Yuneec H520 for his work as well as the tasks of the BOS (rescue service, police and fire fighter) for situation assessment or detecting embers and searching for people for police and ambulance. Due to its different camera options the H520 is an absolutely versatile and reliable System. The ST16S remote control with its large 7 inch touch screen, has everything on board and, thanks to its physical switches, can also be operated blind.

Simon provides his own vehicle, which is ready for use 24 hours a day. The vehicle is alarmed and actively used and integrated by the organizations via the control center during appropriate operations. Due to its swappable camera systems, the H520 is very versatile. Depending on the situation or order, there is the perfect camera available.

The H520 flies almost always and everywhere. Whether extreme cold or strong wind, the H520 always flies reliably and remains manageable even in extreme conditions. Its mapping function via a high-resolution GPS map, is easy to use and important for a targeted search of areas for the people search or fawn rescue, even where no data or mobile phone network is available. The constantly evolving cameras and accessories make the H520 still operational and competitive also in the future.
The Yuneec H520 does not send any data to third party server, so that is also can be used without any problems by emergency services such as the police and the German military. The Eye-catching color and large dimensions make the H520 even more visible over long distances and increase the range of action.

The 6 rotors and the light weight of less than 2 kg make the H520 particularly fail-safe and for Simon very competitive. The swappable cameras, its reliability, the simulator, which allows you to collect realistic flight experience on the PC and the low purchase price complete the Yuneec H520 package.